Kids Story Time
Kids Story Time
Kids Story Time

Kids Story Time

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Discover How Your Kids Really Feel

Kids are full of wonder, joy and . . . one-word answers. 

As parents, we’re left thinking: What’s actually going on at their school? Are they succeeding — or struggling?

The Kids Story Time game breaks down barriers (and gets kids talking). Designed in collaboration with a child psychologist, this game helps parents support their child’s self-expression and emotional intelligence — critical skills for a happy life.

How to Play 

The Kids Story Time game comes with two (eco-friendly) decks of cards — Situations + Feelings. When you draw a card from each deck, you get endless conversation prompts designed to bring out stories you might never otherwise hear.

Children become more self-aware and articulate as they respond to the prompts and discover how to label their emotions.

Purchase Kids Story Time and create deeper bonds with your kids for life.

Product Features

  • Includes two decks of cards (50 cards total)
  • Sustainably harvested paperboard printed with vegan inks
  • A colorful box you can take everywhere
  • Suitable for kids ages 5-15 and their parents
  • Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council™

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Laughed so hard

We played this morning while we make pancakes :) It’s fun. A great way to discover their feelings and lives. Try it!

Sweta Chawla
Made my family and I laugh

Loved these cards! My son loves stories anout my husband and I and sometimes I run out. But these cards sparked some really fun stories and stretched us to remember moments we had forgotten. We also had some great laughs and moments like that with kiddos are priceless!

Great for kids

Rather than just asking boring questions like "How was your day?" I searched the internet for questions to ask during dinner with my kids. After we went through those, they wanted more.

We just received these in the mail a few weeks ago. Some scenarios are specific to kids, but most apply to all of us. Overall, they were a great chance for the family to connect.

And because they aren't structured like most question cards, we play one round every night during dinner to get at things that happened during the week.

Routine dinner conversations can get boring, but with this deck, I discovered so much more about my kids. I discovered that one felt ashamed by a friend, and would not have told us if not for these cards. Another still carries a dissapointment that we had brushed under the rug. Discovering all of this made us curious to learn more and dig deeper.

These are now a standard part of our dinners. While I thought the deck was a bit pricey, it never runs out. And we can use it when people visit. I will def buy other packs for other situations.


A terrific dinner time dialogue starter for kiddos.



I always turn to these cards when I seek a deeper connection. They provide a spark that leaves me smiling.

Grace Rodgers
San Francisco

This company is transforming the way connections happen.

Jeremy Bennett

I have connected with my family in a way that we never had before. The design is beautiful and the questions are thought-provoking and fun.

Los Angeles, CA

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