Questions To Catch Up Deeply

What was your moment of highest stress in the past year?
What is something you changed your mind about in the past year?
Have you seen any videos or read anything that inspired you lately?
Can you share an unpopular opinion you have? I will share one too.
What lights you up these days?
What's the biggest failure you experienced since we last saw each other?
What is one of the hardest things you’ve done since we last saw each other?
What is one thing you’ve learned about relationships since we last saw each other?
In what ways have you changed since we graduated?
What is something going on in your life that we would never have guessed?
Is there an area of your life that you need help with? How can we help?
Have you taken any interesting classes or workshops since we last met?
What do you think our college experience taught you?
What's something new that you want to start?
What was stressing you out last week?
What made you sad last week?
What is something you want to change in your life?
What's one of your favorite college memories?
Share a time you felt wild during grad school
Share a time you felt awkward during grad school
Share a time you felt seen or included during grad school
What do you realize now about yourself that you didn’t during school?
What constitutes your spirituality these days?
Where do you turn for advice these days?
In what ways is your life different now than you imagined?