Save the small talk for strangers . . .

Transform Social Gatherings & Deepen Bonds With Your Loved Ones 

Discover the simple game that sparks connection and evokes compelling conversations through creative storytelling

Imagine Feeling Closer to the People in Your Life

It feels so good to connect on a deeper level with the people you love. But sometimes it isn’t easy to break out of mundane conversations to get to the heart of what really matters.It can be challenging to invite others to dip below the surface and talk about the juicy stuff (especially in an age where technology is a near-constant distraction). People need to know it’s safe to open up (and that others are excited & eager to listen). And for parents, it can be even trickier. You’re yearning to pass on the stories of your life with your older children, but it’s hard to create the space (and more than a fleeting moment) for that to happen. Whether or not they admit it, they want to discover more about you and their own legacy. What if there was an easy and accessible option to let that genuine connection flow more naturally?

Lively Conversations Are One Turn Away!

Life Stories is the ultimate tool to help friends & families engage intimately to create a sense of togetherness organically. Unlock forgotten memories with this unique storytelling game. Each card introduces opportunities for self-expression, opening the door to new and exciting elements of conversation. Forget playing to win! This game makes you & your fellow players feel aglow and satisfied after experiencing genuine connection. Plus, you can take this versatile game anywhere.

✓ Perfect Element For All-Occasions
Make dinner parties, afternoon hang-outs, or post-work happy hour a space where heart-to-hearts are the name of the game

✓ Intergenerational Connection
Inspire grandparents & elders to share their experiences and uncover incredible stories just waiting for the chance to emerge

✓ Form Fast Connections with New Friends
Uncover common ground with conversations starters that go beyond surface-level chit-chat

✓ Dive deeper with Loved Ones
Increase a sense of togetherness and transform engagement with adult children, long-term partners, and old friends. 

Skip the Small Talk & Get to The Good Stuff

Conversation lag? Or you’re not sure what to talk about over dinner? Just pick a card! The endless combinations of prompts will inspire friends & family members of all ages. Getting started is simple.

Each player draws two cards, providing an invitation for a specific memory to emerge.
Once it sparks, you’re ready to start.
Share your story with as much or as little detail as you like.
Smile. Notice how good it feels to you (and others!) when you open up.

There Is Always Something New To Discover

  For these families, Life Story Cards opened the door to unforgettable conversations. Tucked Away Memories Emerge“I got this as a gift and played it with my dad. I thought I knew his whole life story before, that I had heard it all. But I learned about a few important moments that he had never mentioned, without these prompts, the stories would just never have come up.” -GabiRekindle Wonder & Romance“We ran out of things to talk about during quarantine and felt like we already know everything about each other. Our relationship was getting stale. These cards brought back the laughter and helped us discover each other again. Even after 20 years, there were some meaningful stories I had never heard.” -LauraShare the Magic “It's awesome! My partner and I had a lot of interesting conversations!! On vacation, we used the cards to introduce a new element to our conversation. We learned so much! We've probably recommended it to 20 or 30 other couples since then!” -SofiEverybody Has a Story (They Just Need A Chance to Share it!)Life Stories utilizes creative, memory-jogging prompts that make it easy for our stories to emerge. Naturally deepen relationships by engaging each other with open-ended questions that invite thoughtful listening and plenty of laughter. Plus, you’ll never run out of things to talk about at a dinner party again! This game sparks new connections and conversations with:50 story-worthy cards A beautiful & easily portable storage box – for the perfect gift or game night out Endless opportunities for a new story to emerge Storytelling is proven to build and enhance relationships. This game instantly creates the chance to strengthen meaningful bonds between you and your loved ones (and your dearest friends, too). With this game, you don’t have to wait for inspiring and soulful conversations to arise on their own. Introduce new elements of connection to enrich your life for years to come. [I Want More Than Chit-Chat]Step 2:Curate Unforgettable Events & Gatherings With The Meaningful Moments Bundle Set Includes a Free 1-Hour Meaningful Gatherings Consultation To Enrich Quality Time Even FurtherThis bond-boosting set includes:Closer E-Book A deep dive on how to find your people and nurture community with events that spark warmth & connection.Breathe Candle Aromatherapy-infused soy wax candle to set the tone for peaceful presence alone or with friends. Slip! A Dinner GameConversations are the stage where this clever game unfolds. Keep the laughter flowing while you pass the peas. Kid’s Story TimeA playful way to inspire children to open up and let you in on their daily experiences.Meaningful Gatherings ConsultationPlan an unforgettable event in advance with the card creator herself, Jenny Dalio. Jenny is a celebrated event organizer, facilitator, and gathering curator who will help you infuse any event with magic and meaning. Valued at $250, this exclusive consult is free when you purchase the bundle.Make any gathering just that special . . .The Meaningful Moments Bundle Set is valued at $370.99, but you can unlock the whole memory-making set for [Insert Bundle Price]. These items inspire you to cultivate warmth & heartfelt fulfillment with the people in your life. Are you ready to go deeper? [Yes, I’m Craving That Connection]