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Here's How To Quickly Have The Deeper Conversations You Crave

It all started when COVID hit. We quarantined with family, and spent hours and hours together.

Soon, our conversations turned stale.

The same topics over and over again. We weren’t getting closer. We weren’t going deeper. We definitely weren’t having much fun.

I craved a deeper connection, to get to know each other on a new level.

I wanted moments that were meaningful and fulfilling.

I thought, “We can’t sit here night after night in our separate worlds. What can I do to transform this moment?”

All those hours together made me look for ways to have better conversations.

As I grappled with how to make this challenging time meaningful for my whole family, I got an idea. It started simply and developed over time.

I made up the pieces as we went along, helping us share stories from our lives.

What Happened Was Amazing!

I took all my years of storytelling, moderating, and event organizing and condensed it into one solution.

Our time together was transformed. We learned things about each other that we didn’t know.

We laughed, we cried. Playful, honest conversations connected us and deepened our relationships in ways we didn’t know was possible.

We started bringing this idea to others. Friends and extended family.

The people closest to us surprised us with the things they had experienced or thought.

We made—sometimes hilarious—discoveries about each other.

Taking the time and space for deeper connection became so much more meaningful.

And today, I'm making it available for you too.

Introducing The Life Stories Conversation System

I've gathered all my years of moderating gatherings, organizing events for 30,000 people, and crafting meaningful moments and condensed them into one system.

See How This Opens The Space For Deeper Conversation

You don’t have to pretend to hold it all together.

You discover things about the other person you never knew, and you can transform your conversations in the process. 

It becomes an opportunity to understand which friends enrich your life in the deepest sense.

Meaningful Gatherings Grow From Deep Conversations

It’s A Very Simple Concept:
The cards produce and endless combination of prompts that will trigger your memory so you can share stories, and discover the moments that shaped the lives of those around you, to understand how they became the way they are. What moments formed them, or what lighthearted moments to they still laugh about. You will discover things to share that you had forgotten or never really had a reason to share. You can open up vulnerably and take the conversation to a new level, or you can start slowly, by sharing light stories that are good to know about you. The cards will lead the way.

I want everyone to have the deep relationships they really crave.

Here's EVERYTHING You're About To Get As Soon As You Sign Up:

- The Life Stories cards with endless prompts to get to know others on a completely new level
- A free one-on-one consultation to unlock areas of your life where you would like more connection, and provide ideas for how to make your upcoming moments more meaningful
- Priority support
- Membership in the Legacy group, which offers you a 5% discount on all purchases for the next two years
- A free upgrade from regular to priority shipping
- My personal map for deeper conversations. This proven template is yours as my gift when you take advantage of this offer today.Normally Not Sold - Yours FREE!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed
If after you invest today and play the game, you don't believe it was valuable, simply let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will return 100% of your investment.

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